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Paper for Subject: Principles of Management   of Class:   B.Com

Shahzaib Tariq at 2013-02-15 requested for
Guesspaper/Model paper/Past paper/ Mock Paper:
Principles of Management B.Com. Part-II Guess Papers

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www.ysapak.com www.ysapak.com Principles of Management B.Com. Part-II Guess Papers Karachi Board Principles of Management 2009 Q.1. (a) Define Motivation. Name the theories of Motivation as given by various Authors. Discuss briefly X and Y Theory of MC Gregor? Q.1. (b) What is Communication? What are the steps involved in Communication? Q.2. (a) Define Span of Management? Explain the factors that determine the frequency or severity of superior subordinate relationships? Q.2. (b) Write of brief note on Delphi and nominal group technique? Q.3. (a) Why Henri Fayol regarded as father of Management? Briefly explain the fourteen principles as given by him? Q.3. (b) Define Departmentation. State in detail the various bases of Departmentation? Q.4. (a) Explain Orientation and Methods of Training? Q.4. (b) What is Two Factor Theory of Herzberg? Q.5. (a) Explain Planning. Briefly explain the steps involved in planning process? Q.5. (b) Failure of Planning may be attributed to a number of factors. Briefly explain? Q.6. (a) List and state the needs for people as identified by Maslow? Q.6. (b) What are the Characteristics of self actualized person? Q.7. (a) What are various phases of Control? Q.7. (b) What are the reasons for group formation? Q.8. (a) Define Group. State the characteristics of Group? Q.8. (b) What are the reasons for group formation? Q.9. (a) Define Ethics. Explain Muslim and Non Muslim Ethics? www.ysapak.com www.ysapak.com Q.9. (b) State the various steps that are taken in staffing process? Q.10. Write a short note of the following Management Audit Principles of Decision Making Managerial Capitalization Functions of Manager
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