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Topic: Zoology MCQS XI Karachi Board MCQs 1st Year Biology Notes  (Read 12736 times)
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1. Sacculina belongs to __________.
(Arthropoda, Nematoda, Annelida)
2. The locomotory organs of sea star are __________.
(Parapoda, Setae, Tube-feet)
3. Prehensile tail is present in __________.
(El fish, Sea horse, Wall lizard)
4. Ascaris is parasite in __________.
(Stomach, Intestine, Liver)
5. Pineal glands secrete __________.
(Thyroxin, Melatonin, Esterogen)
6. Bicuspid valve lies between __________.
(Righ Auricle and right Ventricle, Left Auricle and Ventricle, Right Auricle and Left Ventricle)
7. Monocytes and __________ are agrantocytes.
(Neutrophils, Colgi body, Lymhocytes)
8. Glucose is converted during glycolysis into __________.
(Urea, Uric acid, Pyruvic Acid)
9. Liver-fluke lives in __________.
(Liver, Gall bladder, Bile duct)
10. The class Ophiurodiea belongs to the phylum __________.
(Echimedermate, Aschelminthes, Urochordate)
11. The skeleton of a dog-fish is made of __________.
(Bones, Cartilages, Muscles)
12. The prehensile tail is present in __________.
(Eel fish, Sea horse, Bat)
13. Rods and cones are present in the eye of a __________.
(Cockroach, Human, Leech)
14. Each villus is provided with lymph vessels called __________.
(Venules, Lacteals, Veins)
15. The organs of excretion in cockroach are called __________.
(Nephridia, Malpighian Tubules, Gills)
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16. Ductless glands are known as __________.
(Endocrine Glands, Digestive Glands, Milk Glands)
17. Leishmania is a parasite of __________.
(Intestine, Blood, Bile duct)
18. Each villus is provided with lymph vessels called __________.
(Arteris, lacteals, Venules)
19. Throxin hormone is secreted by __________.
(Thyroid glands, Pituitary Glands, Adrenal glands)
20. The body of __________ is covered by epidermal scales __________.
(Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds)
21. Water vascular system is present in __________.
(Star Fish, Sponge, Leech)
22. The free swimming larva of liver fluke is __________.
(Trochophore, Miracidium, Glochidium)
23. Tape worms are parasites living in __________.
(Intestine, Muscles, Lungs)
24. The Coelenterates bear stinging cells called __________.
(Sporocysts, Conocysts, Nematocysts)

Zoology MCQS XI Karachi Board MCQs
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