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Topic: Introduction To Business part 1 Guess paper B.COM Part 1  (Read 4734 times)
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Introduction To Business part 1 Guess paper

Q.1. (a) Define Central Bank and its functions?

Q.1. (b) How does a Central Bank control credit? Write down the different method?

Q.2. (a) What do you understand by Economic Environment?

Q.2. (b) Is it true that the elements of Technological, Political and Legal environments are important to a business?

Q.3. (a) Explain the step followed in Inventory Control?

Q.3. (b) Describe the various steps adopted by a Company in the Purchase Procedure?

Q.4. (a) Describe procedure of selection and recruitment of staff?

Q.4. (b) What are the characteristics of Insurable Risks?

Q.5. (a) Under what circumstances is the shole proprietorship business converted into partnership Business?

Q.5. (b) Explain why sole proprietorship is popular in Pakistan and its advantages and Disadvantages?

Q.6. (a) What are the business combinations? Explain the types and objectives of Business Combinations?

Q.6. (b) List the major transportation system used in Pakistan and discuss them?

Q.7. (a) Discuss the main features of Joint Stock Company?

Q.7. (b) Differentiate between Public Limited Company and Private Limited Company?

Q.8. (a) List the qualities of good business man?

Q.8. (b) Distinguish between Balance of Trade and Balance of Payment? How adverse Balance of payment can be corrected?

Q.9. (a) What is Marketing? Explain the functions of Marketing?

Q.9. (a) Distinguish between wholesale and Retail Trade. What services does whole seller render to Manufacturer and Retailers?

Q.10. (a) What is Organization? What are the factors which influence the selection of legal form of business ownership?

Q.10. (b) Is it true that Commercial Banks play a vital role in the development of economy of the country.

Q.11. Write a short note of the following:

* Stock Exchange

* Tariff

* Partnership Agreement

* Labour Union and its functions

* Prospectus
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