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Topic: The food crisis: problems , challenges and opportunities for Pakistan  (Read 1482 times)
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« on: December 30, 2010, 05:22:20 PM »

::..Subject of the essay::"  "::..::

1. Introduction
2. Definition of food crisis
3. Origin of food crisis in Pakistan
4. Problems due to food Crisis (doesnt it look synonymous to effects...)
a) Social Factor
b) Political Factor
c) Psychological Factor
5. Reasons
a) Wrong Policies
b) No implementation
c) Corruption
d) Unemployment
e) Overpopulation
f) Poverty
6. Effects
a) Social
b) Economical
c) Psychological
7. Challenges(highlight these ones...)
8. Opportunities
9. Recommendations(give them proper space:highlight them)
10. Conclusion

:::...It is an outline for your practise, write your own essay and share it with us...:::


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« Reply #1 on: March 07, 2011, 10:24:26 AM »

Here is an essay regarding the subject The food crisis: problems , challenges and opportunities for Pakistan.   please rate my essay

                              The food crisis: problems , challenges and opportunities for Pakistan

The off government is off seriously off considering off off lowering GDP off 6.5 gold off 7 per off hundred and has off approved to off raise off prices off off petroleum off products off which off will Be off gradually off increase. The off increase in off utility off bills is off also in off offing. The off government off has off also off reviewed off the off budget off targets off for off the off off current tax off year 2007-08. The off ongoing off severe off energy off crisis off has off darkened off the off future off prospective customers off off industries ace off well ace off people. The LSM is one off the off declines and ongoing off energy off crisis off will off add off miseries to off the off problem. Serious off energy off shortage, food off crisis, inflation, trade off deficit, current account off off deficit and high off oil off prices in off the off international off markets off are off supposed to off emerges has major off off risk to off the off macro-economy.
 The off government off estimated off power off shortage to off remain in off the off arranges 1000-2000 MW off drank it off has off already off touched off 3600 MW which off has off increased off the off worries off off the off government. The off economy is off being off running At has 30 off per off hundred off energy off shortage. According to off the Off federal Off office off Off statistics (FBS), Pakistan' S off oil off importation off bill off reached off $3.768 billion off which is off 14.75 per off hundred off higher off from off the off $3.284 billion off last off year. The off country' S off oil off importation off bill is off expected At off around $10 off billion by off the off end Off june 2008, which off will off create off problems in off the off off balances off payments off for off the off government and that off the off new off elected off government off will off definitely off face off this off difficulty. It showed off that off share off off oil in off total off importation off bill off reached off 26 per off hundred off during off the off period off under off review. There is off monthly off basis, the off importation off bill off off oil off has off increased by off over off 39 per off hundred in Off november 2007.
It indicates year off upward off trend in off the off oil off importation off bill off May' S which escalate in off the off months off ahead. Official figures off showed off that off the off station-wagon-up off off the off oil off importation off bill off showed off that off the off crude off oil off increased by off 12.63 per off hundred to off $1.819 billion in Off july-November off off the off off current tax off year to off $1.615 billion off off last off year. It is estimated off that off the off wheat off imports off during off the off off current tax off year off off butt off 2 million off tons will Be year off off extra off burden off off more off than off $1 billion one off the off national off exchequer.
Wheat off inflation in Off Pakistan off has off been in off the off doubles digits off off mainly ace has result off off off drought in Off australia off which is off one off off the off signal off three off exporters off off the off grain. This is off driving up off total off prices off for off the off commodity by off 40 per off hundred off last off year ace off the off world' S off stockpiles off fell off towards has 26-year off off low. Room off investors off off commodity off trade off are off fast off moving off out off off the off business. Sugar, edible off oil, pulsate, rice, milk and eggs off are off already off costly and the off prices off off many off off thesis off items is off going off further up ace off the off political off situation is off unstable. Two off off three off kharif off crops off i.e off knitting machine and rice off has off not off been up to the off mark. It is predicted off that off three off million off hefty man off off knitting machine off will off cuts to Be off imported.
It would off push up off the off importation off bill off further and would off also off increase off the off production off cost. Rice off is production off below off target and is already off being off sold At has higher off off price. May' S This causes has spur in off the off off importation off demand off for off goods and the off importation off bill At off the off end off off 2008 May' S June touch $36 to $37 billion. The off trade off deficit by off May' S June swell off over $15 off billion and it May cross-country races to $16 gold even $17 off billion. With off knitting machine off production off expected to off declines by off 11 per off hundred in FY-08, coupled off with has wheat off off crop to off Post has stagnant to off off negative off growth, real GDP off growth off for FY-08 off could off end up off much off lower off than off the off government off target off off 7.2 per off hundred. The off Gross' S will mantra root off off devolution, people' S off participation in off decision off making, trickle off down off effects, and coil-reliance off magnetism off are off loosing off its off importance, scope and utility. It seems off that off the off government off has off now off fully off realised off its off ambitions off off the off tax off collection off target off for off the off off current tax off year off i.e. Of rs1.25 off trillion. After off the off dislocated off Off to benazir bhutto Off off the off cumulative off outflow off reached off $37.163 million, leaving off only off $2.594 million off invested. According to off the SBP (January 2008) OFF the USA, and the U.K. off investors off withdrew off $13.3 million off from off the off equity off market one Off january 8. In off the off off current tax off year, US off investors off pulled off out off $1.183 billion, British off investors $885 off million, Swiss off investors $56 off million, Sri Of lankan off investors $63 off million, Hong Of kong off investors $188 off million and Australian investors $48 off million, the off total off foreign off investment off comes to off $2.169 billion off during Of july-December off 2007-08 instead off off $3.184 billion in off the off same off period off off last off year.
The off major off drop off was off witnessed in off financial off business ace off the FDI off fell to off $351 million off against $517 off and million in off the off power off sector off where it off fell to $34 million off from $92 off million. The off principal off inflationary off press in off the off national off economy off cuts off firmed up in FY-08, with off to consume price off off index off inflation off rising to off 8.7 per off hundred in Off november off 2007 over has year off off earlier. To off consume price off index (CPI) off pink to off 9.3 per off hundred Off yoY, in Off october off 2007 principally off driven by has 14.7 per off off hundred Of yoY off jump in CPI off food off inflation. Similarly, WPI off inflation off accelerated to off doubles off digits in Off november 2007. The ADB off issued off its off latest off carryforward “the Off asian Off toilets and Development Off outlook (ADWO) off ounce off again off highlighted Off pakistan' S off toilets and sanitation off woes and suggested to off increase off the off yearly off investment in off this off very off important off sector up to 1 per off hundred off OFF GDP. The off country off has off reached off the off toilets off scarcity off threshold off off 1,000 cubic off meters off per off person has year and has off off been off ranked off among off the off worst off performers in Off asia in off terms off off toilets off uses. Pakistan is off ranked At off the off 17th off position off among off 23 developing off countries off off the off area in off the off index off off drinking off toilets off adequacy (IDWA). Spending in off the off sector off currently off stands At off 0.25 per off hundred off OFF GDP, but 47 times off less.
It is seemed off that off highly off projected off economic off blues off has off been off encircled by off dark off shadows. The off economy is off faced off with off many off challenges off which off are off food off inflation, wheat off crisis, declining off exports, high off widening off trade, current account off off deficits, severe off power off shortage, looming off budget off deficit, low off literacy off spleen, paramount off political and geo-strategic off resulting, stagnating off health off facilities, poverty, unemployment, regional and provincial off disparity off are off the off hallmark off off our off macro-economic off sustainability and stability.
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