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Topic: ENGLISH COMPULSORY For Class IX (marks 75)Syllabus for FBISE Islamabad Class 9  (Read 10604 times)
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For Class IX (marks 75)

01.   Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) The Greatest Reformer    02.   Hazrat Khalid Bin Waleed (RA)
03.   Kindness to Living Things    04.   Little Things (Poem)
05.   Rural and Urban Life in Pakistan    06.   Chinese Wisdom
07.   Women Arise!   08.   Evening (Poem)
09.   The Chinese New Year    10.   Ladies Park – a shambles!
11.   Sports and Games    12.   Abu Ben Adhem (Poem)
13.   Save Nature    14.   Bees
15.   Form Filling    16.   Truth – the Best (Poem)
17.   Admissions Open!   18.   What Happens to The Rain
19.   Knowledge is Light    20.   Doctor’s Advice
21.   Daffodils (Poem)   22.   Road Safety

01.   Sentence   02.   Tenses
03.   Parts of Speech   04.   Correction of Sentences
05.   Synonyms/Antonyms   06.   Spellings
07.   Writing informal letters, simple applications and social notes   08.   Writing a paragraph with the help of word bank
09.   Voices   10.   Phrasal verbs
11.   Punctuation   12.   Capitalization
13.   Translation from Urdu to English   14.   Dialogue writing


   English Step 9
   Punjab Textbook Board, Lahore

1.   New English Grammar and Composition
   Punjab Textbook Board, Lahore

2.   High School English Grammar and Composition
   Written By:   PC Wren and H Martin
   Revised by:   NDV Prasada Rao


Federal Board SSC-I Examination
English Model Question Paper
  Roll No:
  Answer Sheet No:        _____________

  Signature of Candidate:  ____________

  Signature of Invigilator: ____________


Time allowed: 20 minutes                  Total Marks: 15

Note: Section-A is compulsory and comprises pages 1-4. All parts of this section are to be answered on the question paper itself. It should be completed in the first 20 minutes and handed over to the Centre Superintendent. Deleting/overwriting is not allowed. Do not use lead pencil.

Q. 1    Insert the correct option i.e. A/B/C/D in the empty box provided opposite    each part.

   i.    What did Hazrat Khalid Bin Waleed request the Holy Prophet          (SAW) to do for him after embracing Islam?

      A.    To send him to perform Hajj
      B.    To pray for his forgiveness
      C.    To make him governor of Taif
      D.    To make him commander of the Muslim Army

   ii.    Why did the Chinese King send his son, Prince Tai, to the great          master Pan Ku?

      A.    To learn basic qualities of a good ruler
      B.    To learn warfare
      C.    To learn modern statecraft
      D.    to have lessons in spirituality

   iii.    What did Abu Ben Adhem ask the angel to write his name as?

      A.    A God-fearing person
      B.    A lover of fellow men
      C.    A very learned person
      D.    A very poor and humble person
                   Page 1 of 4                 Turn Over


   iv.    Traffic rules ensure road safety of:

      A.    Both drivers and passengers
      B.    Only those who do not violate traffic rules
      C.    All of us
      D.    Those who drive carefully

   v.    Daffodils, besides instilling Wordsworth with immense joy and          pleasure, caused him to overcome:

      A.    Moral weaknesses
      B.    Loneliness
      C.    Fear
      D.    Drowsiness

   vi.    Which one of the following is not a sentence?

      A.    A walk in the rain is refreshing.
      B.    You always leave too early.
      C.    Down the highway sped.
      D.    Please shut the door.

   vii.    ‘He has been working since last Thursday.’ What tense is it?

      A.    Past Perfect Continuous
      B.    Future Perfect Continuous
      C.    Present Perfect Tense
      D.    Present Perfect Continuous

                   Page 2 of 4                 Turn Over

   viii.    A disaster struck our small community yesterday.’ Which part of       speech is the underlined word?

      A.    Noun
      B.    Adverb
C.    Adjective
D.    Conjunction

   ix.   ‘They sent him a reply this morning.’ The underlined word is a/an:

      A.    Adverb
      B.   Intransitive Verb
      C.    Direct Object
      D.    Indirect Object

   x.   Which of the following sentences is correct?

      A.    I wish I was a genius.
      B.    I wish I am a genius.
C.    I wish I were a genius.
D.    I wish I have genius.

   xi.    Which of the following sentences is correct?

      A.    He has a bank account on this bank.
      B.    He has a bank account in this bank.
C.    He has a bank account for this bank.
D.    He has a bank account under this bank.

xii.    ‘Rebecca’s mother commended her behaviour.’ What does the underlined word mean?

      A.    Ordered
      B.    Condemned
C.    Praised
D.    Corrected

   xiii.    ‘The Muslim army fought with great valour.’ Which one of the          following words can replace the underlined word?

      A.    Cowardice
      B.    Bravery
      C.    Strategy
      D.    Ability

                   Page 3 of 4                 Turn Over
   xiv.    ‘Zahid is a man of great ability.’ Which one of the following words       expresses the opposite meaning to the underlined word?

      A.    Capability
       B.    Disability
C.    Inability
D.    Talent

xv.    Choose the correct spellings:

      A.    Padestrian
      B.    Podestrian
      C.    Pidestrian
      D.    Pedestrian


For Examiner’s use only

                                Q. No.1: Total Marks:

                          Marks Obtained:

Page 4 of 4

Federal Board SSC-I Examination
English Model Question Paper   

Time allowed: 2.40 hours                Total Marks: 60

Note:    Sections ‘B’ and ‘C’ comprise pages 1-3 and questions therein are to be answered on the separately provided answer book. Answer all the questions from section ‘B’ and section ‘C’. Use supplementary answer sheet i.e. sheet B if required. Write your answers neatly and legibly.

(Marks: 39)

Q. 2    Answer any six of the following questions in about 30 to 40 words each. Each part carries 3 marks.                     (18)

i.   Why did the Holy Prophet (PBUH) promote literacy and love of learning among the Arabs?
ii.   Why do you think a large number of people migrate from villages to the cities and towns? Answer in the light of your reading of the lesson ‘Rural and Urban Life in Pakistan’.
iii.   Do you think participation of women in various fields of national life is necessary for the progress and prosperity of a nation? Explain your point of view.
iv.   How do sports and other co-curricular activities contribute to the wholesome and balanced growth of students?
v.   What responsibilities do we have in keeping our environment pollution free?
vi.   How can traffic accidents be avoided? Briefly explain in the light of your understanding of the lesson ‘Road Safety’.
vii.   What type of student was Prince Tai of China?
viii.   “Nothing in this universe has been created without any purpose” comment briefly.

                   Page 1 of 3                 Turn Over

Q.3    A.    Paraphrase any one of the following stanzas:            (3)

      i.    Quite alarmed, she thought of going
            Very quietly away,
         Not a single person knowing
            Of her being there that day.

      ii.   Little deeds of kindness,
            Little words of love,
         Make our earth an Eden,
            Like the Heaven above.

   B.    Read the following stanza carefully and answer the questions          given at the end:                           (6)

      For oft when on my couch I lie,
      In vacant or in pensive mood,
      They flash upon that inward eye,
      Which is the bliss of solitude;

i.    What does the poet mean by pensive mood?
      ii.    How is solitude a great blessing?
iii.    How does daffodils stir the imagination of the poet?

Q.4   Change the voice of any FOUR of the following:            (04)
   i.   The snow covers the mountains.
   ii.   Who is knocking at the door?
   iii.   Vacate the house.
   iv.   Did he open the window?
   v.   Arrangements for the party have been made by them.
   vi.   How will you draw the picture?
   vii.   I know his father.

Q.5   Use any FOUR of the following phrasal verbs in sentences
of your own:                         (04)
   i.   Call on      ii.   Drop out      iii.   Get through
   iv.   Blow up      v.   Come across      vi.   Take after
   vii.   Break down

Q.6   Punctuate and capitalize the following para:               (04)
   Of course we will keep him she said he can stay in the farmhouse until he is strong enough to fly

                   Page 2 of 3                 Turn Over
(Marks: 21)

Q. 7   Write a letter to a friend who has moved away and now attends another        school.                              (08)
   Write a letter to your friend describing any social event you have recently attended.                              (08)

   Note:   Choice may or may not be from the same genre.

Q.8   Write a paragraph of about 50 to 70 words on ‘The Scene at a Busy Traffic Signal’ with the help of the following word bank:         (08)

   Note:   Students may also use their own vocabulary and imagination along          with the given one.

Q.9    Translate any FIVE of the following into English:            (05)

   Write a dialogue between two students on the advantages and disadvantages of internet.                      (05)

Syllabus for FBISE Islamabad Class 9th
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