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Topic: English Exam Paper 2006 Solved Past 5 years papers Free download share it plz..:  (Read 4157 times)
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English Exam Paper 2006 Solved Past 5 years papers Free download share it plz..:
ENGLISH 2006 Time: 3 hours Max. Marks. 100 
Note: ?Answer all questions. 
Question 1
Write an essa y of 120 to 150 words on any One of the following topics: (10) 
(i) Importance of Muslim Unity. 
(ii) Role of Media in Everyday Life. 
(iii) Traffic Haza rds in Karachi 
(iv) War against Terrorism 
Question 2
Write  an  application  to  the  headmaster/headmistress  of  your  school  to  issue  you  a
games certificate. OR 
Write  a  letter  to  the  Na zim  of  your  area  complaining  of  the  insanitary  condition  in
your area and the negligence of the staff responsible for the job. OR 
Write  a  dialogue  between  two  friends  on  the  results  of  the  recent  cricket  matches
played between Pakistan and India. (08) 
Question 3
Do as directed. (15) 
(i)  ………  apple  …………  day  keeps  the  doctor  away.(Insert  suitable  articles,  where
(ii) He  said  that  he  did not  understand  the  meaning  of  that  sentence.  (Change  the
form of narration.) 
(iii)  He  arrived  …………….  the  station  in  the  nick  of  time  (Supply  the  blank  with  an
appropriate preposition.) 
(iv) He did not invite him to his party.(Change the sentence into affirmative.) 
(v) Polish your shoes. (Change the voice.) 
(vi) We are accountable Allah our deeds. (Insert suitable prepositions) 
(vii) She is liked by every teacher of the school. (Change the voice)
(viii)  Arshad said to  his friend, "Can  you show me the way to  the nearest mosque."
(Change the form of narration.) 
(ix) Take the t orch ………….. the night is dark. (Insert an appropriate conjunction.) 
(x) The doctor gave the medicine to the patient. (Change into interrogative.) 
(xi) The speaker said, "it  gives  me great pleasure to be here  this evening." (Change
the form of narration ) 
(xii) Shahnaz will be doing her homework. (Change the sentence into present perfect
continuous tense.) 
(xiii) Table, chair, sofa, almirah. (Give one  word for the group of words.) 
(xiv) Did he long for a  life free from cares and anxieties? (Change the sentence into
assertive form.) 
(xv)  The  president  said  we  require  honest  punctual  obedient  and  healthy  educated
young  men for  the  development  of  our country.  (Punctuate  and use  capital letters,
where necessary) 
(i) An, a 
(ii) He said, " I do not understand the meaning of this sentence". 
(iii) At. 
(iv) He invited him to his party. 
(v) Let your shoes be?polished 
(vi)To, for 
(vii) Every teacher of the school likes her. 
(viii) Arshad asked his friend if he could show him the way to the nea rest mosque. 
(ix) Because. 
(x) Did?the doctor give medicine to the patient? 
(xi) The speaker said that, it gave him great pleasure to be there that evening. 
(xii) Shahnaz has been doing her homework. 
(xii) Furniture
(xiv) He longed for a life free from cares and anxieties. 
(xv)  The  President  said,  "We  require  honest,  punctual,  obedient  and  healthy
educated young men for the development of our country 
Question 4-A
Answer any Six of the following questions into two to three sentences each. (12) 
(i) What are the qualities of a good teacher? 
(ii)  What  is  meant  by  dignity  of  work?  How  did  our  Holy  Prophet  (S.A.W.)  set  the
examples of dignity of work? 
(iii) What are the chief exports. of Nigeria? 
(iv) How did Sultan Nasiruddin earn his living? 
(v) What is the Khyber Pass and how long is it? 
(vi) Why did the caliph Haroon?ur?Rashid disguise himself? 
(vii) What did Moazzam do when Azam was milking the cow? 
(viii) How did the caliph discover the real owner of the horse? 
(ix) What are the famous crafts of Sindh? 
Question 4-B
Answer any Four of the following questions in two to threesentences each: (08) 
(i) Whom does the poetess praise in the poem Beautiful Hands? 
(ii) Why should we speak gently to all? 
(ii) What kind of men can lift their country to the sky? 
(iii) Who wrote the poem 'Little Things' and what makes our world an Eden? 
(v) Why did the minstrel boy destroy his harp? 
(vi) What is the message of the poem 'The Man Who Wins ? 
Question 5
Choose the correct answer for each blank from the brackets: (05) 
(i) Success begins with a fellow's . (wilt, work, wealth)
(ii)  The  farmers  use________to  enrich  the  soil.  (insecticides,  medicines,  chemical
(iii)  The  Holy  Prophet  (S.A.W.)  practiced  what  he________  (believed,  sought,
(iv) Mela Chiraghan is held every year at________ (Bhit Shah, Lahore, Pak Pattan) 
(v)  The  highest  place  along  the  Khyber  Pass  is__________(Landikotal,  Jamrod,
Question 6
6. Use any Three of the following structures in sentences of your own. (03) 
to  nip  in  the  bud,  to sa ve  something  for  a  rainy  day,  fits  and starts, to  make both
ends meet, a wild goose chase, to turn over a new leaf. 
Question 7
7. Translate?the following sentences into English: (05) 
(i) Respect your elders. 
(ii) The parents of Kamil love him very much. 
(iii) When did your tea cher come into the class? 
(iv) Let us have a walk in the park. 
(v) My elder brother will take admission in the University. OR 
Complete the following story with the help of the given outline and suggest a title for
Quarrelsome  brothers____  ignore  father's  advice_____  father  gives  a  bundle  of
sticks to break _______ each one tries but fails________he gives the sticks to them
one by one ________ easily broken_______. 
Question 8 
8. Read the following passage and answer the questions given below: (05) 
This universe  is a  very strange  kind of place. The empty spaces in the  universe  are
immeasurable. The distance from our  sun to the nearest star  is 4.2 light years.  This
is  in  spite  of  the  fact  that  we  live  in  a  very  crowded  pa rt  of  the  universe,  namely
Milky  Way,  which  is  a collection  of  about 300,000  million stars.  About thirty  million
similar collections are known to exist in the universe. 
(i) What is immeasurable in the universe? 
(ii) What is the distance between the sun and the nearest sta r? 
(iii) What do you mean by the Milky Way? 
(iv) How many milky ways are known to exist? 
(v) Write the noun forms of 'exist' and 'measure'. 
Question 9
9. Make a precise of the following: (04) 
Reading is a welcome escape from  dullness  of  daily life. It is  an excellent recreation
which  rich  and  poor  alike  can  afford.  Moreover  a  large  number  of  public  libraries
make  reading  cheaper  and  easier  than  ever  before.  A  man  who  has  developed  a
taste for reading asks nothing more of life besides the means of physical well-being if
he  is  provided with  books  and  time to  read  them.  Reading of  newspapers,  history,
geography,  accounts  of  travels,  drama  and  above  all  fiction  is  a  source  of  keen
delight. Millions of men and women nowadays find delight in reading

for more for guesspapers
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