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Topic: English Exam Paper 2008 Solved Past 5 years papers Free download share it plz..:  (Read 21905 times)
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English Exam Paper 2008 Solved Past 5 years papers Free download share it plz..:

Question No. 1
Write an essa y of 150 to 200 words on any ONE of the following topics. 
i. Importance of Unity in the Muslim World 
ii. Role of Media in Education People 
iii. The Annual Function of your School 
iv. General Elections 2008 in Pakistan. 
Question No. 2
Write  an  application  to  the  headmaster/headmistress  of  your  school  to  issue  you  a
provisional certificate. 
Write a letter to your father informing him about your reparation for the forthcoming
S.S.C Part II examination. 
Write dialogue between two friends discussing democracy in Pakistan. 
Question No. 3
Do As Directed 
i. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. (Insert suitable articles, where necassa ry) 
ii. He has been suffering from fever since last sunday. (Insert suitable prepositions) 
iii. Does she help the poor? (Change into an assertive sentence) 
iv. He gets up early in the morning. (Change into a negative sentence) 
v.  The  doctor  gave  the  medicine  to  the  patient.(Change  into  an  interrogative
vi. I drank orange juice. (Change the verb into present perfect tence) 
vii. They caught butterflies in the garden. (Change the sentence into future indefinite
viii. A road links his village to the town. (Change the voice)
ix. Let the door not be opened. (Change the voice) 
x. The teacher was teaching English. (Change the voice) 
xi. We are taught English by a good teacher. (Change the voice) 
xii. I said to the headmaster, "May  I come in, sir". (Change into the indirect form of
xiii. The teacher said that man is mortal. (Change the form of narration) 
xiv. Table, chair, sofa , almirah etc. (Give one word for the group of words) 
xv. She said i am sorry i could not reach on time. (Punctuate and use capital letters,
where necassary). 
Question No. 4 (A)
Answer any SIX of the following question in two/three sentences each. 
i. What are the qualities of a good teacher? 
ii. What do you learn from the life of the holy Prophet (SAW)? 
iii. What are the va rious customs of the valley of Mehra n? 
iv. What is the Khyber Pass and how long is it? 
v. How did Sultan Nasiruddin earn his living? 
vi. How did King Faisal develop his country? 
vii. What is the difference between the old and the modern methods of farming? 
viii. What is the difference between beef and mutton? 
ix. How id the Caliph find out the real owner of the horse? 
Question No. 4 (B)
i. What message does the poet give in his poem "The Voice of God"? 
ii. What kind of men can lift the country t o the sky? 
iii. What lesson do we learn from the poem "Casabiance"? 
iv. Who wrote the poem "Little Things"? What makes our world an Eden? 
v. Whose hands are praised in the poem "Beautiful Hands" and why?
vi. Why did King Bruce decide not to give up his effort? 
Question No. 5
Fill  in  the blanks  of  any  FIVE of  the  following  choosing  the  correct answer  for  each
from the brackets. 
i.  The  Holy  Prophet  (SAW)  practised  what  he  Preached.  (Believed,  Sought,
ii.  The  farmers use Chemical  Fertilizers  to enrich  the  soil.  (Insecticides, Chemical
Fertilizers, Medicines) 
iii. Brave men work while the other sleep. (Sleep, Smile, Weep) 
iv.  A  Fisharies  Technological  Laboratory  has  also  been set  up  at  Karachi.  (Lahore,
Karachi, Quetta) 
v. About One-third of or earth is covered with water. (One-third, Three-fourth, One-
vi.  Africa  consists  of  more  than  independent  Twenty  Five  countries.  (Twenty  five,
Thirty, Thirty Five) 
Question No. 6
Use any three of the following structures in sentences of your own. 
with open arms, black and white, to wind up, by and by, to nip in the bud. 
Question No. 7
Completer the following story from the given outline. 
A  farmer  has  three  sons  ________  they  are  always  quarrelling  with  one  another
________ father asks them to bring a bundle of sticks ________ asks them to break
it ________ none succeeds  ________ unties the bundle  ________ each  son breaks
the sticks. 
Question No. 8
Read the following passage and answer the questions given below: 
The  universe is  a very  strange kind of place.  The  empty  spaces in  the  universe  are
immeasurable. The distance from our son to the nearest collection of about 3,00,000
million  stars.  About  thirty  million  similar  collections  are  known  to  exist  in  the
i. What is immeasurable in the universe.
ii. What is the distance between the sun and the nearest star? 
iii. What is meant by a light yea r? 
iv. How many groups of stars are known to exist? 
v. Write the noun forms of "Exist" and "Measure". 
Question No. 9
Make the precis of the following passage. 
The  great  advantage  of  early  rising  is  that  one  can  start  one's  work  long  before
others have done  so. The early  riser  has done  a large  amount of hard  work  before
other  men get out of bed in the early morning when the mind is fresh and no sound
or  noise disturbs  him/her.  The work  done at  such  times  is  general well  done.  Also
one finds  time to take some exercise in the fresh morning air. Exercise  supplies him
with a good deal of energy that enables him to work hard til the evening. 
English Exam Paper 2007
Question No. 1
Write an essa y of 150 to 200 words on any ONE of the following topics. (10) 
i. Environmental Pollution 
ii. Importance of Discipline in Life 
iii. Responsibilities of a Dutiful son to his Parents 
iv. A Sunset Scene at Seaview 
v. War against Terrorism 
Question No. 2
Write an application to the City Nazim drawing his attention to the lack of park in the
city. (08) 
Write a  letter  to the editor  of  a newspaper about the  problems  caused by  everyday
traffic jams in the town. 
Write dialogue  between two  friends on the importance of English in  the modern day
Question No. 3
Do As Directed 
i. _______  price  of  _______  item  depends  on  various factors (Insert  Article where
ii. We rested _______ the shade of a tree (Insert an appropriate preposition) 
iii. The teacher said to me, "You have not done your work well." (Change the form of
iv. You play in the evening. (Change into present perfect continuous tense) 
v. Great clapping and cheering. (Give one word for the phrase) 
vi. I want to be active _______ the last breath _______ my life. (Insert appropriate
vii. By whom was the fair inaugrated? (Change the voice) 
viii. This is the first time I have been here. ( Change into negative) 
ix. You don't like coffee, _______? (Add a question tag) 
x. A famous chef will prepare the meal. (Change the voice) 
xi. I bought some books last week. (Change into interroga tive) 
xii.  She  exclaimed  sorrowfully  that  her  husband  was  dead.  (Change  the  form  of
xiii. She said i am sorry  i  couldn't reach on  time. (Punctuate  and use capital letters,
where necassary) 
xiv. She studied in that school since ten year. (Correct the sentence) 
xv. The policeman was patrolling the street. (Change into simple present tense). 
Question No. 4(A)
Answer any SIX of the following questions in Two, three sentences each. 
i. What was the reaction of the horse when the rich man touched it? 
ii. What are the professional qualities of a teacher? 
iii. How did the different Muslim rulers set the example of dignity of work?
iv. What are the cash crops of Nigeria & who tends them? 
v. How was the property divided between the two brothers? 
vi. What is the process of mending a puncture at a cycle shop? 
vii. What are the various cust oms of the valley of Mehran? 
viii. How did the juggler and the conjurer entertain the people at the village fair? 
ix. What points must be kept in mind while making a summary? 
Question No. 4(B)
Answer any FOUR of the following in two/three sentences. 
i. What qualities did the boys in Casabianca possess? 
ii. What can make a nation strong? 
iii. What lesson do we learn from the poem "Speak Gently"? 
iv. How can we say that the credit of all great achievements is due to the mother? 
v. Who has written the poem "The Voice of God"? What does the poet want us to do? 
vi. Why did the minstrel boy destroy his harp? 
Question No. 5
Fill  in  the blanks  of  any  FIVE of  the  following  choosing  the  correct answer  for  each
from the brackets. (05) 
i.  The  railway  line  was  laid  in  the  province  in  _________  A.D  to  carry  arms  and
supplies for the British army. (1925, 1935, 1955) 
ii.  The  University  of  _________  flourished  nearly  two  thousand  and  five  hundred
years ago. (Harappa, Ta xila, Moenjodaro) 
iii. King Bruce of _________ flung himself down. (Ireland, England, Scotland) 
iv.  _________  earned  his  living  by  making  caps.  (Mamun-ur-Rashid,  Aurangzeb,
Sultan Nasiruddin) 
v. All of  the  sights  of hills  and plain.  Fly  as  thick a s driving  _________  (train,  car,
vi. Faisal was chosen the king in _________ A.D. (1964, 1946, 1974)
vii.  _________  is  used  to  sepa rate  the  grain  from  the  chaff.  (Tractor,  combine,
Question No. 6
Use any three of the following structures in sentences of your own. (03) 
by and by, to break the ice, to put off, to turn down, at large, odds and ends. 
Question No. 7
Write a story in your own words on "A man is knows by the company he keeps". (05) 
Question No. 8
Read the following passage and answer the questions given below: (05) 
Arabia  is  mostly  a  desert,  so  hot  that  it  is  impossible  to  walk  over  it  bare-footed
during  the day. Occasionally,  however  one  comes across the  fertile  patch, an oasis,
with  deep  spring,  tall, graceful,  shadowy  fig  and plam trees  on  its banks and green
grass growing all  around it.  The  Arabs  are  nomads. They live  in portable  tents  and
eat  figs  and  dates.  They  also  preserve  dates.  Arabian  horses  are  the  best  in  the
world. The Arabs deeply lover their horses and never treat them as beasts of burden.
In fa ct it is the camel, highly called the ship of t he desert that is used to ca rry goods. 
i. Describe an oasis 
ii. What does the diet of the Arabs chiefly consist of? 
iii. How are horses treated in Arabia? 
iv. How the Arabs transport their goods? 
v. Give the other degrees of adjectives "bad" a nd "clever" 
Question No. 9
Write the summary of the following in about one third of the original length: 
Sports can  be used  for  both  purposes, good and evil.  If  used  well, sports  can  teach
endurance courage,  cooperation, fair play,  a healthy respect of rules and the quality
of putting  group interest over one's own personal interest. If used badly, they breed
undesirable  vanity  and  rivalry.  Thus  sports  can  be  used  either  to  promote  warlike
tendencies  or  inculcate  the  value  of  peace  and cooperation.  In  dictatorial  countries
sports are being used for the former. 

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