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Topic: Pakistan Studies important Short Questions Answers  (Read 11836 times)
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Short Questions Answers
Q.1 Define Ideology?
Ans. It is a system of Ideas concerning social and political life. or It may also be defined as, a product of great minds or its is the result of Devine guidance.

Q.2 What is an Islamic Ideology?
Ans. It is an ideology through a society is formed in accordance with the teachings of the Holy Quran and Sunnah.

Q.3 Write any four guiding principles of Islamic way of life?
Ans. The four important guiding Islamic principles are :
1. Unity of Allah: It means the belief in oneness of Allah. It is the basic belief in Islam.
2. Prophet Hood: Finality of the prophet hood of Hazrat Mohammad (P.B.U.H).
3. Life Hereafter: It means all the mankind will be reborn after death. They wil be rewarded or punished according to their deeds in the worldly life.
4. Fundamentals of Islam: It includes Kalma, Salat, Fasting, Hajj and Zakaat.

Q.4 What are the contents of ideology?
Ans. The contents of Ideology are:
1. Common religion: It means that people following a common religion form a common ideology.
2. Common Culture: The people of a country adopt a particular culture, people of a country are recognized by their culture.
3. Common Causes: Every nation has its national objects. So it builds an ideology in accordance to its needs.
4. Dedication and Devotion: The people of a nation should work with dedication and devotion for the betterment of their country.
Q.5 Write down the sources of Islamic Ideology?
Ans. The sources of Islamic Ideology are the Holy Quran and Sunnah.

Q.6 Write the importance of Ideology.
Ans. Ideology is important due to the following reasons:
1. It is a source for achieving the national progress and prosperity.
2. It unites the people.
3. It is a motivating force for deeds and actions.
4. It determine the way of living of the people.

Q.7 Write down any four benefits of Salat?
Ans. Salat has the following advantages:
1. It is a pillar of Islam.
2. It prohibits the evil or satanic deeds.
3. It brings Islamic unity.
4. It is a basic difference between an infided and a Muslim.

Q.8 Write down any four benefits of Zakat?
Ans. Following are the four benefits of Zakat:
1. It is a principal worship to achieve Allah's pleasure.
2. It reduces the gap between rich and poor.
3. It kills the element of greediness.
4. It is a remedy for selfishness.

Q.9 Write down four sentences on the importance of Hajj?
Ans. Importance of Hajj is depicted in following sentences:
1. It is obligatory on every Muslim once in his life.
2. It creates brotherhood among the Muslims.
3. It shows the strength of the Muslims.
4. It is both principal and physical worship.

Q.10 Write the Islamic principles of Democracy?
Ans. They are as follows:
1. Sovereignty
2. Justice
3. Equality
4. Fraternity
5. Tolerance

Q.1 Write four sentences about the services of Hazrat Shah Waliullah?
1. he was a great saint and religious scholar. He preached the Muslims of Sub continent.
2. He reconciled the mutual differences among Muslims.
3. He eradicated the bad manners of assemblies.
4. he set the straight forward path for Muslims.

Q.2 Write any four sentences about the services of Hazrat Shah Abdul Aziz?
1. He extended the work of Shah Waliullah.
2. He framed a revolutionary program.
3. He forced Muslims to establish an islamic state.
4. he took severe action against the anti Islamic powers specially Sikhs.

Q.3 Write any four objectives of Syed Ahmed Shaheed's Jehad Movement?
1. To preach the concept of oneness of Allah.
2. To establish an Islamic State.
3. To preach Jihad.
4. To revive Islamic teachings.

Q.4 Write four sentences on the Faraizi Movement?
1. Haji Shariatullah started Faraizi Movement.
2. The purpose of this movement was to reform the Bengali Muslims.
3. The movement proved useful to eradicate non Islamic customs and traditions of Bengali Muslims.
4. Islamic techniques were also carried out under the Faraizi Movement.

Q.5 What were the causes of down fall of Mughal Empire?
1. Lack of national unity.
2. Highly Centralized Administration.
3. Lack of spirit of Jihad.
4. Educational decline.

Q.6 What were the causes of war of Independence?
1. Political Causes
2. Economic Causes
3. Religious Causes
4. Social Causes

Q.7 Write four sentences about Sir Syed Ahmed Khan.
1. He started Aligarh Movement for social, educational and religious services for Muslims.
2. he wrote a pamphlet to remove the confusions between the British and the Muslims after the war of Independence 1857.
3. he established schools in Muradabad, Gazipur and in Aligarh.
4. He gave the Two Nation Theory.

Q.8 Write four sentences about the Hindus agitation against the partition of Bengal.
1. They felt an insult of the national character of India.
2. They criticized the British Government that they had divided Bengal to weaken the freedom of Congress.
3. They started civil disobedience.
4. They created political disorder and unrest in the country.

Q.9 What demand were made by Muslim in 1906 by Simla Delegation?
1. Muslim demand separate electorate for Muslims.
2. They demanded full representation in services.
3. They demanded aid for the establishment of the Muslim University.
4. They demanded weight age in all elected bodies.
Q.10 Why Muslim league was established?
Ans. There were three main factors for the establishment of Muslim League:
1. To protect and safeguards the Muslim's interest.
2. To cope with the "Minto Morley Reforms."
3. To promote Muslim loyalty to British Government.

Q.11 Write four sentences about Lucknow Pact.
1. Congress accepted the idea of separate electorate for the Muslims.
2. No bill offending a particular community should be proceeded within any council if three fourths of the representatives of that community oppose it.
3. Hindu-Muslim unity was stressed.
4. The Muslims and Hindus were to have weightage in provinces where they formed minorities.

Q.12 What were the main causes of mutiny of war of independence?
1. Official interference in religion.
2. The acts which caused restlessness among the Indian soldiers.
3. Absence of Indian representation in the administration of the country.
4. Social reparation between the rules and ruled.

Q.13 What were the main object of Muslim Anglo Oriental College?
1. To reject the past tradition and speed up the progress of the Muslims.
2. To reconcile oriental learning with western literature and science.
3. To facilitate western education to the Indian Muslims.
4. To create practical energy among Muslims.

Q.14 Write the four objectives of Khilafat Movement.
1. To maintain the Turkish Caliphate.
2. To maintain the unity of Ottoman Empire.
3. To project the holy places of the Muslims.
4. To maintain brotherhood among the Muslim world.

Q.15 Write three sentences about Non-Cooperation Movement.
1. To surrender all the British titles.
2. To boycott the British law Courts.
3. Non participation in election.
4. Withdrawal of all students from the education institution.

Q.16 Write any four recommendations of Simon Commission.
1. The abolition of diarchy form of government.
2. He rejected Muslims demands regarding one third representation of the centre and statutory majorities in the Punjab and Bengal.
3. He postponed the separation of Sindh from Bombay.
4. He agreed the fair representation for the minorities in the legislatures and in the executives.
Q.17 Write any four proposals of Nehru Report.
1. Abolition of Muslims demand of separate electorate.
2. Reservation of Muslim seats was refused.
3. Hindi should be made the official language.
4. the separation of Sindh from Bombay was accepted.

Q.18 Write any four points of the famous Fourteen Points of Quaid-e-Azam.
1. In the central legislative, Muslims representation should not be less than one third.
2. Sindh should be separated from the Bombay Presidency.
3. A uniform measure of autonomy should be granted to all the provinces.
4. Reforms should be introduced in the N.W.F.P and Baluchistan on the same footing as in other provinces.

Q.19 When and where the three round table conference were held?
1. The first Round Table Conference was held in London from 22nd November, 1930 to 19th January, 1931.
2. The second Round Table Conference was held in London from 7th September, 1931 to 31st December, 1931.
3. The third Round Table Conference was held in London from 17th November, 1932 to 24th December, 1932.

Q.20 Write any four effects of Pakistan Resolution.
1. Muslims were relieved from the Hindus dominion.
2. Gandhi become annoyed and called it a "Moral Mistake".
3. Hindus dream of "Ram Raj" was vanished.
4. Muslims got a country where they could live according to the teachings of Islam.

Q.21 Write any four points about the role of Quaid-e-Azam as a Governor General.
1. He created an establishment of officers.
2. He created National Spirit and patriotism in the newly born country.
3. he started public contracts and visited frequently Baluchistan and N.W.F.P.
4. He paid special attention towards the economy of Pakistan.

Q.1 Write any four features of Objective Resolution.
1. Sovereignty belongs to Almighty Allah.
2. Rights of minorities were safeguard.
3. The Judiciary would be free and independent.
4. Fundamental rights of the citizens were guaranteed.

Q.2 Write any four features of constitution of 1956.
1. It was a written constitution.
2. No law repugnant to Quran and Sunnah can be enacted in the country.
3. President would be Muslim.
4. The parliamentary type of Government was suggested.

Q.3 Write Islamic processions of the constitution of 1952.
1. The name of the country would be Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
2. President would be Muslim.
3. The existing laws would be made Islamic in character.
4. No law against Quran and Sunnah would be acceptable.

Q.4 Write any four features of 1962 constitution.
1. It was a written constitution.
2. Unicameral Legislature was suggested. It means only one house known as National Assembly.
3. The President would be head of the state for five years.
4. Urdu and Bengali were recognized as National language.
Q.5 Write any four Islamic Provisions o the constitution of 1962.
1. The name of the state would be "Islamic Republic of Pakistan".
2. Only a Muslim could become the president of Pakistan.
3. Teaching of Quran and Islamiat was made compulsory.
4. The president would appoint "Advisory Council of Islamic Ideology."

Q.6 Write any four causes of fall of East Pakistan.
1. East and West Pakistan were situated at a great distance from each other.
2. The social structure of the two wings was different.
3. Both wings spoke different languages. Bengali was spoken in East Pakistan.
4. Bengali Hindu teachers teach though negative thinking to East Pakistani students.

Q.7 Write any four features of the constitutions of 1973.
1. The president must be a Muslim not less than 45 years of age.
2. The parliamentary form of Government was established.
3. The prime minister would be elected by the majority of the National Assembly.
4. Urdu was recognized as the National Language of Pakistan.

Q.8 Write the Islamic Provisions of the constitution of 1973.
1. The country was named "Islamic Republic of Pakistan".
2. The President and Prime Minister should be Muslim.
3. All the laws were Islamized.
4. No law could be framed against the Islamic principles.

Q.9 What role should be played by a citizen o Pakistan for its development?
Ans. A good citizen should play the following duties for the development of Pakistan.
1. He should work hard for the economic growth.
2. he should be a patriotic citizen.
3. He should be well educated.
4. He should have pride to be called Pakistani citizen.
Q.1 Describe the location of Pakistan?
A. It was situated in South Asia.
B. China was situated in North.
C. India is situated in East.
D. Afghanistan was situated in North West of Pakistan.
E. Arabian Sea is in the South of Pakistan.
F. Iran is situated in the South West of Pakistan.
Q.2 Write any four sentences regarding the importance of Pakistan?
A. The Middle East oil is supplied through Arabian Sea to all for east countries.
B. Pakistan is surrounded by entered Asian coutries and Middle east countries.
C. Pakistan is the only atomic power among the muslim countries.
D. Pakistan provides road, rail and air lines between east and west.
Q.3 Name the parts of the northern high mountains region?
A. The Himalayas
B. The KaraKoram
C. The Hindu Kush mountain Range.
Q.4 Write the parts of the western law mountains regions?
A. Swat Mountains.
B. The Koh-e-Safed Range
C. The Waziristan Hills.
D. The Suleiman Mountain Range.
E. The Kirthar Range.
Q.5 Write the three important peaks of Pakistan?
A. Trich Mir is situated in Hindu Kush range.
B. Godwin Austin (K2) is situated northern Karakoram mountains.
C. Takhte Suleiman is situated in Koh-e-Suleiman western mountain range.
Q.6 Write down four sentence about upper Indus Plant?
A. The plant is situated in the south of fool hill area of Himalayas.
B. Rivers Jhelum, Chenab and Indus flow through this region.
C. The plain depends on Canal irrigation as it gets low rainfall
D. Wheat, rice and cotton are grown in a large quantity.
Q.7 Write down four sentence about lower Indus Plant?
A. The soil is alluvial and fertile.
B. The river bed is rising up gradually.
C. It has a level land with a gentle sloap.
D. Wheat and Basmati rice are largely grown.
Q.8 Name the climate region of Pakistan?
A. Subtropical coastal region of low rain fall.
B. Subtropical content of low land region.
C. Subtropical continent high land region.
D. Subtropical plateau region.
Q.9 Write the decision of Pakistan on the basis of Temperature?
A. North and North Western mountains range.
B. Upper Indus Plan.
C. Lower Indus Plan.
D. Balochistan plateau and that desert.
Q.10 What are the atmosphere conditions of a place?
A. Temperature.
B. Rainfall.
C. Winds.
D. Humidity.
E. Pressure.
Q.11 Name the four factors which create air pollution?
A. Acidic rain.
B. Diffusion of metallic particles of lead. Mercury etc in the air.
C. Smoke emitted by industries and vehicles.
D. Increases of radio activity (elements atomic number greater than 82)in atmosphere.
'Q.12 Write the factors responsible for water pollution?
A. Agrarian Pollution.
B. Industrial Pollution.
C. Pollution due to democratic use of water.
Q.13 Write the factors responisble for land pollution?
A. Water logging and Salinity.
B. Heavy developers action.
C. Excessive use of chemical fertilizers.
D. Excessive grazing of grass land.
Q.14 Write the difference between climate and weather?
A. Climate is the average of weather conditions of a place for a long periond (mostly ten years) while weather means the timely changes of physical conditions which occur in morning, daily or weakly in a short space of time.
Q.15 What steps shout be taken to control pollution?
A. Smoking emitting vehicles should be prohibited.
B. Animals and humans wasters should not be disposed off into the agriculture fields.
C. Electronic media should be used for the awareness of pollution.
D. Chemical waste should not be thrown into the rivers.

Q.1 Write down the kinds of Pakistan Soils?
A. Residual Soils: They are formed at the sites of origin when rocks and hills breaks. It is mostly unfit for cultivation.
B. Transported Soils; They are carried by various agents eg. Speedy water of streams, rivers and strong winds.
Q.2 Write down the soils of North Western Mountains Regions?
A. The colour is dark brown
B. It is capable for vegetation
C. They are found in Swat, Chitral and Gilgit.
Q.3 Write down the soil of Upper Indus Plain?
A. The colour is blackish.
B. It has high constants of calcium carbonate and less organic matter.
C. They are found in Attock, Lahore, Multan etc.
Q.4 Write down the soil of Indus Delta?
A. The colour is black.
B. The soil contains clay, under flood water condition saline loamy.
C. The soil is located in Indus Delta.
Q.5 Write down the soil of lower Indus Basin?
A. It has multiple colours.
B. It has lime stone, silt and clay.
C. It is found in North West of River Indus and South Eastern area of river Indus.
Q.6 Write down the agriculture forests?
A. Forests of North East.
B. Shrub Forests.
C. Balochistan hills forests.
D. The Tidal forests.
Q.7 Write the cool producing area in Pakistan?
A. PUNJAB: Pidh, Makarwal and Arokhat chala are imporatant cool producing recognised.
B. SINDH: Jhampir, Tharparkar are important cool producing organs.
C. NWFP: Koirata is an important cool producing regions.
D. Balochistan: Hornic and Ziarat are important cool producing region.
Q.8 Write the Gypsum producing areas of Pakistan?
A. Punjab: Mianwali and Jhelum.
B. Balochistan: Quetta and Sibbi.
C. N.W.F.P: Kohat.
D. Sindh: Dadoo.
Q.9 Write the four food crops of Pakistan?
A. Wheat
B. Rice
C. Maize
D. Pulses
Q.10 Write the cash crop of Pakistan?
A. Cotton
B. Sugar Cane
C. Tobacco
Q.11 Write down any four agricultural problems of Pakistan?
A. UN economic land holding
B. Scarcity of water
C. Soil Erosion
D. Lack of means of Transportation
Q.12 Write down four step which government have taken for the development of agriculture?
A. Establishment of Model forms
B. Increase irrigation facilities
C. Control over water logging and salinity
D. Use of communication media
Q.13 Write down the means of irrigation in Pakistan?
A. Wells
B. Tube Wells
C. Canals
D. Kareez
Q.14 Write down canal system of upper Indus valley?
A. The upper and the lower Jhelum Canals.
B. The upper and the lower Chenab Canals.
C. Thal Canal.
D. Warsak Dam Canal.
Q.15 Write down the canal system of lower Indus Valley?
A. Guddu Barrage Canal.
B. Sukkur Barrage Canal.
C. Kotri Barrage Canal.
Q.16 Write down the multipurpose dam in Pakistan?
A. Mangla Dam
B. Tarbella Dam
C. Kala Bagh Dam
Q.17 Write down the sources of energy in Pakistan?
A. Coal
B. Gas
C. Petroleum
D. Water (Hydroelectricity)
Q.18 Write down the names of four aritficial forest of Pakistan?
A. Jhelum
B. Mianwali
C. Dera Ghazi Khan
D. Changa Manga

Q.1 Write down four causes of industrial backwardness of Pakistan?
1. Lock of power resources
2. Political instability
3. Lock of technical education and training
4. Shortage of capital

Q.2 Write down the features of cottage industries?
1. They do not neend big long term loans.
2. No huge capital required.
3. Management is easy.
4. No large frame work is required.

Q.3 Name some important small scale industries of Pakistan?
1. Sports goods industries
2. Surgical instrument industry
3. Carpet industry
4. Leather industry

Q.4 Write down four important centres of cotton textile mills?
1. Punjab Province : Faisalabad, Multan and Lahore.
2. Sindh Province: Karachi, Hyderabad and Gambit.
3. Balochistan Province: Quetta and Lasbela.
4. N.W.F.P: Peshawar and Swat.

Q.5 Write down any four major imports of Pakistan?
1. Machines
2. Iron Ore
3. Petroleum
4. Edible Oil
Q.6 Write down any for major exports of Pakistan?
1. Rice
2. Sports goods
3. Cotton Textiles
4. Surgical Instruments

Q.7 Write down means of any three railway routs of Pakistan.
1. Peshawar to Karachi via Rawalpindi, Lahore and Rohri.
2. Rawalpindi to Faisalabad via Wazirabad.
3. Multan to Jacobabad via Dera Ghazi Khan

Q.8 Write down the names of three big highways?
1. National Highway from Karachi to Torkham via Peshawar.
2. Karachi-Quetta Highway via Khuzdar.
3. Quetta-Peshawar Highway.

Q.9 What steps should be taken by the government for the industrial development?
1. Peace should be prevailed.
2. The trade rules should be simplified.
3. Smuggling should be controlled.
4. The long term loans with easy installment should be given to the people.

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